What Visiting Volunteers do:

  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to be part of overall patient care
  • Listen to the client and his/her family with a sympathetic ear
  • Try to ease patient suffering and discomfort through emphathetic measures

Our Visiting Volunteers all successfully complete a 5 week training course prior to visitations. During this time, we stress the importance of respecting the confidentiality of the clients and their families.

Volunteer Positions

  • Visit our palliative clients
  • Sit on the Board of Directors
  • Be a committee member and participate in fundraising, advertising and recruitment
  • Help with administrative duties

Benefits for the Volunteer

  • Bring comfort to someone in their final days
  • Make caring connections
  • Make a difference in your community
  • Heighten your awareness of this stage of life and help decrease negative perceptions

We are looking for caring and committed people who will work together and support each other in this group; who are willing to attend meetings, volunteer for jobs and follow through on their commitments.

It's time to get involved!

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